Tree Pests and Diseases: An Arborists' Field Guide No.1 premier tree information must have for all tree owners!
The Royal Horticultural Society Pests and Diseases (RHS S.) Great guide for everyone good reference for serious gardeners...
Modern Arboriculture The book that changed the tree world..
Ornamental Chinese Redbud Cercis Chinensis 'Avondale' Tree in a 9cm Pot Add some tree colour to a town garden!
Trees (Collins Gem) Car pocket reference essential for those interesting searches...
Acer freemanii Celebration Maple Poted Tree 80-100cm Tall Instant impact and an impressive selection..
Cherry Tree (Prunus Kanzan) Old favourites are always useful when all else fails...
RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe
Gardens of the National Trust (National Trust Home & Garden)
RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design
International Garden Photographer of the Year (Kew Gardens)
Woodcarving Magic: How to Transform a Single Block of Wood Into Impossible Shapes
A New Tree Biology: Facts, Photos, and Philosophies on Trees and Their Problems and Proper Care