Hawaiian Tropic SPF8 Protective Dry Spray Oil For a Deep Healthy Tan
Hawaiian Tropic SPF30 Silk Hydration Lotion - 180 ml I use this on my face as it's the most senstive
Aromabar 2 X 250ML Clear PET Plastic Bottles with Silver/Black Pump Dispensers Use as a cream and an after sun. I use this every day, though mosquitoes love it, so be wary abroad.
White Not suitable for your hand luggage but great bottles to put liquid in, in your suitcase
Bausch & Lomb ReNu MPS Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution - 120 ml I'm a contact lens wearer, but this actually counts down when your lens expire!
Sibel PVC Ball Water Spray Bottle, Silver, 340 ml I carry this in my hand luggage as I always take my lenses out on long flights
Hair Tools Bunjee Hooks Pack of 4 - Black Best way to refresh your hair in hot climates