Modern Practical Masonry of Warland, Edmund George on 20 June 2006 The Stonemasons Bible
Practical Stone Masonry Successor to Modern Practical Masonry
The Art of the Stonemason An easy to read and useful resource
Medieval Lives: Stonemason From Journeyman to Seasoned Mason
Sculpting in Stone (Basics of Sculpture) A concise and informed publication for self teaching
Carving Faces Workbook: Learn to Carve Facial Expressions with the Legendary Harold Enlow (Fox Chapel Publishing) (Detailed Lips, Eyes, Noses, & Hair to Add Expressive Life to Your Woodcarvings) A Beautiful Book
Building Stone Walls A concise publication for stone wall construction
Carving Letters in Stone and Wood A Revered Lettercarver
Guided by a Stonemason: Cathedrals, Abbeys and Churches of Britain Unveiled A Useful Introduction to Church Architecture
Stone Mad A Stonecarvers Account
Old House Handbook: A Practical Guide to Care and Repair A no nonsense guide for the care of old buildings
The Stonemason: Donald Macleod's Chronicle of Scotland's Highland Clearances A powerful account