Arcadia FD3P30 D3+ 12-Percent Reptiles Lamp, 30 Watt, 36-inch If you've had your UVB tube for over six months it will need replacing. A new light will make an excellent gift for your beardie, and the Arcadia 12% is one of
Arcadia ALR38 Reflector, 38 Watt, 42-inch With a reflector the UVB light is intensified down into the vivarium. The more UVB your beardie gets the better, so this is a great idea!
Lucky Reptile KK-2 Kricket Keeper, Large Make life easier for you and your beardie with a Kricket Keeper. The crickets hide up the tubes, so all you need to do is shake them out
Trixie 8847 Rock Plateau with Tree Trunk Aquarium Decoration 25 cm Add decor to your viv to make it more interesting for your beardie
Exo Terra Rock Outcrop Hiding Cave, Large More decor to consider
T-Rex Comfort Leash, Medium Take your beardie out knowing he is safely secured with this harness and leash
Exo Terra PT2813 Feeding Dish, Extra Large New feed and water bowls are a useful gift
Exo Terra PT2804 Water Dish, Extra-Large
Zoo Med BU-19 Madagascar Bamboo, Small Probably more for you than the beardie, but fake plants can make the viv look more interesting
Beaphar Deep Clean Disinfectant For Reptiles 500ml Your beardie's present might be an extra special clean out!
Bearded Dragons (Complete Herp Care)
Bearded Dragon Care: The Ultimate Guide for Proper Care of Your Pet Lizard
Monkfield Standard Vivarium, 122 cm Length x 46 cm Depth x 46 cm Height, Black
Hagen Vivexotic VX48 NEW Viva Terrestial Vivarium Large - BEECH This is a great size viv for an adult bearded dragon
Reptile Vivarium 3D Natural Look Polystyrene Background If you bought a small viv for a baby beardie, how about upgrading to a larger one now he's getting big?
Exo Terra Terrarium Foam Background, 90 x 45 cm (fits PT2613) Vivarium backgrounds make your viv great to look at and beardies love them too!
All Pond Solutions Aquarium Fish Tank 3D Background (BG-9014)
Reptile Tortoise Vivarium Tight Beam Spot Heat Lamp 100W (E27 Screw-In)
Habistat Dimming Thermostat 600W White