Cheer Up Love: Adventures in depression with the Crab of Hate Candid, hilarious and moving. When you're own 'Crab of Hate' is on the war path, Susan Calman's Cheer Up Love is sure to help you do just that!
Large Resin Blue Triceratops Dinosaur Planter, with Indoor Fern - Home, Office, Gift Our lovely friends bought this for us when they came up from Dorset to visit and it's just ROARsome! Matches our new bathroom colour palette perfectly too.
Mens Run & Fly Vintage Retro Jurassic Dinosaur Hipster T Shirt L Another worthy pair to add to my growing collection of dinosaur socks!
Reasons to Stay Alive For those moments when you feel all is lost, Matt Haig reminds you that you are not alone. Keep going.
LEGO Creator 6914: T-Rex Men's?! Pfffft... MINE!