The Never-Ending Birthday
Someone Else's Life
Someone Else's Life
Little White Lies
Little White Lies by Katie Dale (December 09,2014)
Jack to the Rescue! (Fairy Tale Twists)
Goldilocks and the Pea (Fairy Tale Twists)
The Wickedest Witch (Fairy Tale Twists)
Prince Charming`s Princess Quest (Fairy Tale Twists)
The Big Bad Werewolf (Fairy Tale Twists)
Three Magic Mice (Fairy Tale Twists)
The Unfair-y Godmother (Fairy Tale Twists)
The Not-So-Evil Stepmother (Fairy Tale Twists) by Katie Dale (2012-08-02)
Big Pancake to the Rescue (Hopscotch: Twisty Tales)
Thumbelina Thinks Big (Hopscotch: Twisty Tales)
Little Women: Band 18/Pearl (Collins Big Cat)
How To Be a Boy
And Then He Kissed Me
Stories from the Edge: An Anthology