Playmobil 5185 City Action Police Motorbike - White/Blue This is our hero policeman, with his motorbike, keeping us all safe.
Playmobil 5891 City Action Police Carry Case The police chief rides a motorbike too, here we have our fugitive bad guy with him.
Playmobil 5186 City Action Special Police Unit When needed, backup is always on hand to help find the baddies.
Playmobil 4914 City Action Fire Rescue Squad Duo Pack When things start to get hot, our firefighters are always ready.
Playmobil 4873 Knights Falcon Knights Troop Our trusty Knights of old, ready to protect and serve.
Playmobil 4761 Figurine Air Stewardess with Drinks Trolley Can I get you anything from the trolley? Meanwhile, I am ready to serve you in any situation. Safety is my primary role.