HOWLERS Natural Rawhide Twists, 13 cm, Pack of 100 Perfect for small jaws to medium dogs
Britten & James® Safety Assured Natural Rawhide Cigar Chew Sticks for dogs MEDIUM 125mm long. Grade A Pack of 50. Does not contain any rawhide from China. Certified to be completely safe for your dog Excellent quality sticks for medium to large dogs
The Regal Mutt - Rawhide Chomp Sticks 115mm x 5/9mm, Pack of 100 Really good value. Again suitable for small dogs. Diameter of 9mm
PJ Pet Products Rawhide Pressed Rolls 125 x 15 mm (10 packs x 5 rolls,Total 50 pieces) More expensive, but suitable for larger dogs.
Rawhide Twist Sticks/Chews for Dogs - 125 x 7-8mm (5") - 100 Pack Suitable for small dogs.