Crete - Michelin National Map 759: Map (Michelin National Maps)
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The High Mountains of Crete: A Walking and Trekking Guide: The White Mountains, Psiloritis and Lassithi Ranges (Cicerone Mountain Guide)
Eastern Crete - Lasithi, Greece 1:100.000 topographic hiking and cycling map ANAVASI
Western Crete - Chania, Greece 1:100.000 topographic hiking map ANAVASI
Lefka Ori : Sfakia - Pahnes anavasi 1/25
Psiloritis - Mt. Ida (Crete), 1:30k Hiking map, Anavasi
Samaria - Sougia (Crete), 1:25k Hiking map, Anavasi
Mt Dikti - Mt Selena anavasi
Frangokastelo Plakias (Greece), 1:25k Hiking map, Anavasi