Innovative Language 101 - Learn English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, and more An innovative approach to language learning, understanding and application in every day life
Language for Learning in the Primary School: A Practical Guide for Supporting Pupils with Language and Communication Difficulties across the Curriculum (David Fulton / Nasen) (nasen spotlight) early age learning principles and application to difficulties early learning stages
Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone A true insight to the learning and multi approach to Rosetta stone's teaching structure and principles in any language
Learning a Language: How I managed it. How you can, too Everyone has a certain capacity and means to find a comfortable style of reading, speaking, writing and actually connect al stages to real life, in my mandarin
Learn Spanish for Beginners Tried may courses and found this grounded rational breakdown useful,I now have a better than beginners level in 4 months
Fun English - Language Learning Games for Kids aged 3-10 One of the all time greats of game to action to hands on to practicing in a playing learning curve environment
The 9 Unbreakable Laws of Language Learning: A Quick and Easy Guide to Developing a Successful Language-Learning Mind-Set An astute and well expressed guide that allows you to develop as you practice, the rules of thumb and consecutive step by step road-map is positive and helps st
Language Learning Strategies: What Every Teacher Should Know from good advice and solid strategies this book has many useful applied scenarios on teaching and student receptiveness to learning new things faster and effect