HAKKO FX-888D Soldering Station, 70W, AC, 26V
Hakko Soldering Iron Tip Chisel 2.4mm x 14.5mm (2.4mm), T18-D24
Hakko Soldering Iron Tip, T18-C2 (2mm)
Preciva Crimper Plier Set, 0.25-10mm²/AWG23-7 Self-adjustable Ratchat Wire Crimping Tool with 1200 Wire Terminal Crimp Connectors and Wire End Ferrules
Preciva Dupont Crimping Tool AWG26-18, Dupont Ratchet Crimping with 1550PCS Dupont Male / Female Pin Connectors 0.1-1.0mm² and 460PCS JST Connector for 2.54mm 3.96mm, etc. Connector