The Fascinating Fibonaccis: Amazing Maths Spiral Patterns In Nature
How Pintu Found Pi: Explore Maths and Circles Along With Pinto!
How Far is Far?: Two Books In One: How Far Is Far and How Heavy Is Heavy?
There's A Hole In My Galaxy: Children explore space - great story and science lesson all in one.
The Mystery Of The Cyber Friend: How to stay safe online advice for kids
Manikantan Has Enough: Science Fiction Story Of The Internet Of Everything For Kids
Three Inspirational Female Scientists: Inspirational Women Who Dared To Dream Big.
3 Inspirational Sportswomen: Three Amazing Women Who Reached Their Dream Through Sport.
Miss Laya's Fantastic Motorbike: Fun cartoons for emergent readers
The Miss Bandicota Files: Learn about seashores, caves and forests, with this educational story for kids
Learn The Colours Around Us: 4 Different Stories About Colours.
It Wasn't Me! A Monster Did It! (A kid's perfect excuse book!): Also contains two other short stories:- Who is it? (A guessing game) and I am listening (What can you hear?)
What happened to the shawl?: Additional Story: How many ways can you use a shawl? These stories explain how children can reuse and recycle a shawl.
The Dog's Eggs: Two Books In One! The Dog That Became A Mummy Bird and Silly Puppy Needs A Pee-Pee. Funny books for bedtime.
Three Bedtime tales using clay figures: Do you do it? No a monster did it. Who is that? A story of a girl finding different animals and finally a story about listening to what my is sister doing?
If It Wasn’t For The Parents…: 100 Great Teaching Tips To Make Your Life Easier