Point Specimen Book: 1910 Printing Types
Printing at Home - Third Edition: with full instructions for amateurs
Specimens of Printing Types: Cast by Austin Wood & Co
Specimens of Printing Type 1922: H.W. Caslon & Co Ltd
Wood Letter Specimens: H. M. Sellers & Co, Sheffield, England
Printing Types: Stephenson Blake & Co
DeLittle's Wood Type Specimens
Wood Type: Printing and Bookbinding Materials
Specimens of Type Faces
Specimens of Point Type by R.H. Stevens & Co: and Catalogue of Materials
Selected Type Specimens: Harrild & Sons, London
Complete Illustrated Catalogue: Harrild & Sons, Fleet Works, London
Wood Letter & Printers Joinery Machinery: Stephenson Blake & Co Ltd
Specimens of Wood Letter: inc Ornaments, Borders, etc.
Printing Type and Illustrated Catalogue: by Miller & Richard Our type specimen books